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NSERD (New Socio-Economic Research and Development) is registered in the year of 2018, with the ideas of change in ideas and beliefs to reform Socio-Economic equitable development to all with equitable development strategies. Bring this alteration or justice through its qualitative research and emphasize the rural and urban Socio-Economic issues of India. It is devoted to interfere in the Socio-Economic government policy through its research papers, articles, journals and books. It is also committed to bring into the light of poverty issues and contributes to minimize.
In order to fulfil our vision of ‘Socio- Economic Equitable Development for All’, NSERD is committed in undertaking fact finding missions for extracting ground realities, inside stories and other important aspects of varied social problems which can be useful for informed and qualitative decision making by concerned authorities.
NSERD believes that socially underprivileged communities must be empowered holistically to help themselves and others. With equal opportunities for growth and prosperity, one would not only outwit the injustice and exploitation, but would also create a conducive environment for the nation and world to flourish.

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Our work would not be possible without the work of our dedicated pillars.

Mohd. Kaif, Social Worker

(Chairman, NSERD)

Mr. Vishaal Bhatnagar

Industry Professional (Advisor, NSERD)